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Player/Parent Expectations Contract
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I________________________________ hereby agree to abide by the following expectations set forth by all the members of the baseball staff. We have read and fully understand the Outline of Expectations for both the players and the parents.  We understand that being a part of an extra-curricular program is a privilege. The term privilege is defined as a special advantage granted to some,but not to all.  Failure to comply will result in punishment deemed acceptable by any bridgeland baseball coach which may include “do-rights”, suspension, and/or removal from the program.  Any punishment will be done without any complaints, comments, and/or questions. 

The following rules/expectations, the Bridgeland Athletic Code of Ethics, and the Outline of Expectations for players and parents will apply to student athletes within the baseball program.

1)   I will strive to make no less than A’s or B’s in the classroom and will be respectful to all teachers in the school building.

2)   I will be responsible for my own actions and will not make excuses when things do not go my way.

3)   I will maintain a positive attitude towards my coaches and teammates.

4)   I will make a commitment to be a solution for this team and will display character and good sportsmanship on/off the field.

5)   I will arrive at practices and games on time as instructed by my coach.

6)   I will come to practice and/or games in full uniform unless instructed otherwise by a coach.

7)   I will be at all practices and games.  If, for some reason I will not be there, I will personally contact my coach ahead of time.

8)   I will accept any roles set forth by my coaches for the good of the team instead of me.

9)   I will have a good work ethic with positive “effort and energy” in order to better the strength of my team.

10)  I will help with any duties that need to be performed before and after    

       practices and/or games.



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