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Letter to Bridgeland Parents
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Parenting and raising a son is no small task or responsibility.  We feel the same way in respect to coaching your son. Many coaches may agree that the hardest part of the job is conducting tryouts and cutting kids.  Cutting kids is the last thing we as coaches want to do, but it is part of the job.  After the cutting process, the second most difficult task to do is trying to make every parent and son happy all of the time.   You might ask yourself, “How can any coach possibly do that?”  We all already know the answer to this question. It is simply impossible.  This is the premise on why this letter is written. 

Before we talk about baseball, there are some things that we feel are important for every player in our program in order to develop into a quality young man.  We emphasize that all our players strive to make A’s and B’s in the classroom and to respect all adults inside the schoolbuilding.  In addition, we expect your son to be responsible for his own actions, display character and goodsportsmanship, and maintain a positive attitude towards his coaches and teammates. Last but not least, we will expect a desire to work hard and a commitment to the team by performing various roles. These characteristics will certainly enable them to mature and become successful adults outside the game of baseball.    

We all know that the game of baseball is comprised of individual performances within a team sport.  Within a team sport comes several inequalities.  One of the majorinequalities is playing time.  Every high school, college, and professional baseball team that we can think of all have this in common.  There are many different roles that players may have when they are involved in a team sport.  From most desired to least desired, there are starting players, starting pitchers, relief pitchers, utility players, courtesy runners, pinch runners, pinch hitters, and bench players who see minimal amount of playing time.  We use the words “from most desired to least desired” instead of “from top to bottom” or “most important to least important”for a reason.  The reason for this is simple because there are so many different situations that may come up during a game. For example, if we are the home team in the bottom of the seventh in a tie ball game, the courtesy runner at second base is just as important as anyone on the team at that particular time. Sure, everyone would prefer to be in a starting role.  The only way for this to happen would be to have a roster with only nine kids on it. All successful teams have players who positively perform their roles at any given time.

In order for your sons to perform their role in a positive manner, there are a couple of things that will help foster this behavior.  Many of us can remembergrowing up and our own parents saying things like “the coach is always right” and the “the teacher or adult is always right”. We all know that no one is capable of being perfect, but our culture sometimes loses its’ sense of respect for authority.  Parents can aid this by complaining either to their son or in front of their son.  As coaches, we expect players to accept their role.  If the player wants a different role, we expect them to not be satisfied and continue to work hard obtaining a different role. In the real world, what will happen at their job when something does not go their way?  Is complaining the answer?  Is a negative attitude the answer?  The answer is no.  We would all encourage our son to keepworking hard in finding a way to improve. As a parent, it is human nature to want the best for our sons.     

It is also human nature to want to “fix” situations for them instead of letting them learn from their mistakes, face adversity, struggle, and persevere through hard times.  Many researchers say that these are the reasons that those who participate in athletics acquire the necessary skills in order to become successful later in life.

            What can be said if we now know that it is merely impossible to make everyone happy all the time?  The answer is that we may agree to disagree.  The truth is…we would all have different lineups.  They make look similar in manyaspects, but we will all still have a different opinion.

Our decisions are based on hours of practice time that we see on a daily basis.  Those decisions are made with every intention to put the best lineup out there for the team for that particular game.  One of the greatest things about sporting events is the passion that is involved.  Let’s all use that passion in supporting and cheering for the TEAM!


Thank you in advance for your support,

Bridgeland Baseball Coaches


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