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Parent Expectations
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The District Athletic Policy states:


The value of interscholastic athletic competition is multi-faceted and includes many issues beyond the obvious thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The concepts of teamwork, self-discipline, accepting rules, dealing with adversity, respecting your opponent, respecting the game officials and accepting their decisions, are all ideals found at the core of why interscholastic competition is so essential to the middle school and high school experience. In Cypress -Fairbanks we will continue to demand nothing less than exemplary behavior when it comes to respect and sportsmanship. Victory may, at times, be out of reach, but appropriate behavior never is.



The ultimate goal of this Outline of Expectations is to have a working guideline that will help create the maturity of successful young men through the commitment of the baseball program.  Commitment is defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. As aparent, I am sure that you are committed to raising your child according to the rules, morals, and expectations you believe is best for them.  Likewise, we as coaches, expect everyone involved to have the same level of commitment to the guidelines we believe are best for the program.  Our role as coaches is to provide an opportunity for the athlete to develop whilefulfilling the important task of fitting into a team concept.






I.Commitment to the Support of Your Child

A. At Games

          1. Important for players to see parents at the games.

          2. Cheer for the team.

3. Coaching and yelling from the stands is a negative distraction.     

4. Disrespect of umpires, players, and/or coaches will result in

removal from the ballpark.

          B. At Home

                   1. Praise positive attitude regardless of performance.

                        Remember attitude is a choice.

2. Talk more about effort; less about performance.

                        Expresses unconditional love (Ex: 0-4 vs 2-4)

                   3. Encourage your son to be a team player & to work harder.

          4. Talk as much about the team as individual performance.

          5. Constant source of positive encouragement.


II. Commitment tothe Support of the Coaches

A.   Appropriate Communication

1.   Open communication with players

i.      Players must have spoken with the coaches about any baseball related issues prior to any parent contact.

2.   Parent email (must state reason to garner an appropriate response)

3.   If a conference is deemed necessary it will include your son

B.   Non-Appropriate Communication

1.   Playing time of any student-athlete

2.   Team strategy, technique, practice/organization, or play calling.

3.   Other student-athletes

4.   Immediately before/after games

C.    Practices

1.   It is imperative that all players attend every practice.

2.   Try to schedule any doctor appointments, etc. outside of practice time.

3.   College days, Showcases, Tryouts, Lessons, Prom, SAT/ACT, etc. are not excuses for players to miss practice.

D.   Games – Home

1.   All fans, parents, & other family members will wait for the players following the game at the main entrance by the tennis courts.

2.   The Press Box is off limits to anyone not given prior approval from the coaches.  There should never be anyone in the Press Box from an opposing team.

E.    Games – Away

1.   All fans, parents, & other family members will not be allowed to walk or talk with players at the conclusion of away games. You can meet the players at the school once they arrive.

2.   The safety of your child is our responsibility. This responsibility is our job once we leave for an away game until we return to our school after the game.


III. Commitment tothe support of the program

A.   Facilities

a.     Effort in maintaining and/or improving

b.    Field Work Day

c.     Donations

B.   Parent Participation/Volunteers

a.     Concession Stand

b.    Scoreboard Operators

c.     Game Announcers

d.    Pitch Counters

e.     Respond to related emails

f.       Game Pictures

C.    Booster Club

a.     Become an active member- 100% participation

D.   Fundraisers

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