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Player Expectations
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A.    Be at practice ontime unless you have been previously excused by a coach.

B.     Wear appropriate practice uniform.  This includes hat,belt, and flats.

C.     Be at your assigned place during practice.

D.    Rake/broom field and correctly put away equipment at conclusion of practice before we break away.

E.     No cell phones inside the playing field or dugout(including games)

F.     No food allowed inside the playing field or dugout(including games)

G.    Missing practices, excused/unexcused, will result in make-up conditioning and/or may result in missing playing time.  **Player needs to contact the coaches.

H.    Tutorials

1.    Make all efforts to attend tutorials outside of practice time

2.    Gamedays- may have some open time.

3.    If this is unavoidable, you must notify the coaches one day in advance with a note from your teacher.


II.    Games

A.    Double check and make sure you have all your gear.

B.     Home

1.     Be at the field ontime.

2.     Set up and getfield ready.

3.     No changing (exceptfor spikes) after the game.

C.     Away

1.     Be at the field at the correct time.

2.     Cell phones will be collected by coaches prior to exiting the bus.

3.     Get off the bus completely dressed except for spikes/jerseys.

4.     We will enter the visiting ballpark together & stay together as a team.

5.     No changing (exceptfor spikes) until on the bus.

6.     We will exit the ballpark after the game together as a team without interruptions.

7.     Cell phones will be returned once we are back on the bus.

8.     All players will ride the bus to/from the game unless previous approval has been given.


III.  Equipment

A.    Mark your gear - it’s expensive.  The Coaches are not responsible for your lost/stolen equipment.

B.     Take care of your equipment and the programs’ equipment.

C.     Bats and batting helmets should only be placed on the ground (If necessary).

D.    All equipment should be in its proper place inside the dugout.

E.     Do not throw/toss any equipment at any time.  Show class!!



A.    Batting helmets must be on if you are inside of a cage (throwing or hitting)

B.     Always play catch in the outfield and in the same direction.

C.     Absolutely no horseplay.



     A.  Be a gentleman-your attitude and actions reflect you, your family, and the entire        

           baseball program.

      B.  Firstclass-On the field, with teammates, in the classroom, and community.

C.     Positive effort and energy is a must! Takes no athletic ability.

D.    Worry about the things you can control.



A.  Try to make the umpire your friend.

B.  You have no control over a call by an umpire.

C.  The coaches will do all of the communicatingwith the umpires.

D.  Never do anything that will “show up” an umpire.  They make mistakes like you.

E.     Never tag a mantwice.

F.     Never leave a bag until an umpire orders you off of it. Assume you are safe.



    A.   Sell out for your team.  Your actions will earn respect by your teammates.

    B.   This is a team sport.  All teams have roles for individual players.

    C.   Accept your current role and perform it to the best of your attitude and ability.

                D.   Always strive for an increase of your role.   

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